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Our Whole Lives

UU & Me!

Young Religious UUs

Religious Exploration (RE)

The following is an overview of Heartland Unitarian Universalist Church's RE program for children. Our goal is to create an atmosphere in which each child can proclaim:
* I can be myself!
* I have fun!
* My opinions matter!
* I can ask questions and wonder out loud!

RE Communities

Our current RE program is divided loosely by grade level into three communities:

* Nursery through Pre-Kindergarten
* Kindergarten through 4th grade
* 5th grade and above

These are merely guidelines, however. We believe that every child needs to find the community that is best for him/her, based on interests and abilities. Children are welcome to visit each of the various groups until the most comfortable fit is found. Parents are always welcome to join their children in RE classes for as long or as short as desired.

Heartland has recently started an Adult Religious Exploration program that allows friends and members of the congregation to discuss elements of Unitarian Universalism and how they relate to our everyday lives.

RE Hours

Our Nursery and Toddler Care is available from 10:15am to 11:30am. Our other RE communities begin after the children's story in our service an ends by noon. Teens are welcome to either join the adult service or join us in one of the RE programs as mentors.

Our children are honored members of our church and often participate in services. Intergenerational services, typically scheduled once or twice a quarter, are for all ages. Middle and Older Youth RE is not offered on these dates, however Nursery and Toddler Care is available.

Current RE Curriculum

Our K-4th and 5th and above RE Communities will be studying "Moral Tales," a Tapestry of Faith program for children. The program will be adapted to appropriately fit the needs of each of our RE communities. This program is inteded to:

*Provide participants with an ethics- and faith-based framework for thinking about what it means to be just and good, introducing and reinforcing concepts such as interdependence, conscience, faith, empathy, forgiveness, compassion, awe, respect, non-violence, responsibility, courage, perseverance, cooperation, ecological balance, fairness, and being welcoming.

*Strengthen participants' Unitarian Universalist identity by demonstrating the connection between the choices we make in our lives and the beliefs and attitudes we hold as UUs, including our Principles.

*Details about this curriculum are available at www.uua.org/re/tapestry/children/tales/index.shtml

RE Mission Statement

Heartland Unitarian Universalist Church's Children's Religious Exploration program strives to create a safe, supportive, fun community that respects and celebrates life by promoting curiosity, empathy, and self-confidence, while nurturing spiritual discovery and self-expression.

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of Greater Indianapolis
For questions regarding RE, contact re@heartlanduuchurch.org